Monday, April 23, 2012

What I want to do before I kick the Bucket!

I was just talking with my mom the other day about a bucket list. At 22 I am kind of young to even want to start entertaining the day i "Kick the Bucket" but hey life is super short and its never to early to start. Now I personally think that a bucket list can be anything you want to do before you die. It doesn't have to be extreme or crazy. So without wasting anymore time here is my bucket list as of now. A ton of my list consists of traveling because its what i want to do.

  1. Become a Doctor- I still am working out what kind of doctor I to be, but I know that it will happen before I die. 
  2. Buy a House- Its the American dream after all. Plus, it would be nice being able to not have to move or rely on someone else. 
  3. Visit all 50 states- I already have seen a fair few of them!
  4. Visit Paris, France- Not texas. 
  5. Visit Rome & Florence, Italy- In one trip :]
  6. Visit Victoria & Vancouver, Canada- I have heard amazing things 
  7. Visit Ireland & the U.K.- I would love to see where my ancestors come from 
  8. See little L graduate college- Actually I am excited to just see her graduate high school
  9. Go on a Sister Cruise- My amazing sister and I will do this and hopefully soon.

This is a short list and there are a million other things I hope to see happen but so far these are the ones that I am looking forward to most.
~Lisa Ann

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